This is where sea kayaking comes into its own, allowing you to explore places inaccessible by other means. We run two different kinds of expedition. Camping where we are self sufficient exploring our coastline by kayak & foot and boat-based on the MV Cuma of Island Cruising. For all our expeditions see dates.

Camping from a Sea Kayak

Learn how to pack your kayak for a multi day trip, be self supporting for the duration, and enjoy the Islands of Scotland in the most memorable way imaginable. We have any number of superb locations and can afford to go further afield than we would for a day trip. From the Outer Hebrides, and their maze of sea lochs and exceptional wildlife, to the many islands that suround Skye, all with a story to tell, evocative and beautiful. We have routes to suit all skill levels and most conditions. We travel in small groups, and you will meet like minded people and with shared experiences become friends. A multi day sea kayaking expedition can be a deeply rewarding experience, step away from the roads, no wifi, just the simple undertaking of a journey through breathtaking scenery.

All the guides at Skyak know the best places to spot wildlife and the best places to camp. They will also help you improve your paddling skills as you go along, to help you get the most out of your time on the water. Our guides are among the most experienced and qualified group of kayak leaders you will find anywhere, they love to share their enthusiasm for sea kayaking and the unique view of the world it allows.

Whatever your level of experience, if you would like to join us on a multi day expedition, fill out the form below and we will book a date for you. If you are already on Skye and want to kayak with us at short notice, it might be best to phone on 01471 820002 please contact us as soon as you can so that we can fit you into a suitable trip with people of similar experience.


Boat Based Expeditions on the MV Cuma

Whilst the lifetime trip on any Sea Kayaers wish list is to Kayak aound St Kilda, any expedition based on the Cuma is something very special. It allows us the opportunity to paddle in the most remote locations possible, but with the safety and comfort of the Cuma at the end of each day. These trips are for a week, with usually 5 days paddling, from Barra Head and Mingualy at the southern most point of the Outer Hebrides, to the Monach isles or the Flannan Isles, the posibility of starting and finishing every paddling day at any agreed location, with no need for land access opens up a world of possible options. It gives us the the choice to find good conditions and travel to a new location daily. Have a browse through the slide show below and see some of the places we reach.

The Cuma herself is ideally suited to hosting Sea Kayakers, and the skipper and crew are superb seamen and excellent hosts. Full board with a cooked Scottish breakfast every morning, paddle as much or as little as you like or get dropped on a remote island for a walk. The evenings are often lively with laughter, and the guest from all over the world. There is a camaradarie gained from the shared experience and places you have paddled to. We only run a few Cuma trips every year and they book up fast, so please complete the form below if you are interested in joining us and we will let you know when we have more dates available.


If you are interested in our expeditions contact us  with details of your kayaking experience (so we can select the best one for you) and your preferred dates if known.