“A big thank you to you both for another memorable experience on and in the waters around the Isle of Skye. Special thanks to you Gordon for your full on skills sessions (Kyle Rhea tide race on the first morning for example, wow) and the attention to safety providing exciting learning opportunities not available on home waters.
DAVID, September 2015

Exciting learning opportunities

“Much appreciation for Mick’s tuition over the two days – patient, evidence-based advice (like my paddles being upside-down), endorsing abilities and gently pointing out incompetence that would have led to unsought-after submarine skills.”
CHARLIE, September 2015

Patient advice…

“I met so many lovely people whilst on the course and a special thank you to both Mick for his patience and persistence, and you Gordon for affording me the 1-2-1 time when we visited the “Coral Island” in Loch Eishort. It was truly inspirational and my abiding memory of that day which will always make me smile was the line “ … the more time I’ve spent being an outdoor education instructor, the more I realise I’m really a therapist!” Well the treatment you delivered on what was a pretty dreich day was spot on: you got someone with zero self-confidence there and back in one piece for which I’ll always be grateful.”
TIM, September 2015

Truly inspirational

“We had an awesome day out with Skyak Adventures.  The instructor, Kate, was excellent – patient, knowledgeable and great fun.  She took us to a stunning location on Loch Eishort where we saw seals and a white tailed eagle.  She even knew where to pick the best mussels for our dinner.  As novices, her expert tips and coaching really helped us to develop and improve in such a short time.  A great day: great fun, challenging and exhilarating.  Thanks so much.”
CHRIS, August 2015

An awesome day out

“Thank you for another great week at Skyak. It is great to get stuck in for several days. I like a bit of progression, and I remember more each time! It is a shame to have to go home…”
VICTORIA, August 2015

Another great week at Skyak

“Great Course. Thank you very much for arranging such an excellent course. It was everything I wanted & more. I aim to be back next June for a similar technique based course. Penny & I had a very nice paddle on the Sunday after the course starting from the bottom of your garden. Very pretty & we saw an otter while having our picnic.”
MIKE, July 2015

An excellent course

“…we have the confidence now, under good forecasts to really get out there on our own and have some fun and feel we have really developed skills. This is due in part to the confidence Gordon gave us and so again how much we appreciated the course and what we learnt (skills and tidal / trip etc. planning). So thanks so much for helping us to do such things. We look forward to St Kilda…!!”
JIM & HANNAH, June 2015

We have the confidence now

“Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU from us both for a great week on our first proper intro to sea kayaking. We found the course empowering and with the right amount of push and challenge from the fabulous coaching you gave us. You helped us to achieve more than we thought was possible. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and plan to be back for more! Please pass on our thanks to Morag, and of course Kate who was also a great coach.”
JOHN & KATRINA, May 2015

Empowering… fabulous coaching

“Just a quick note to say thank you for a fabulous trip last Monday and Tuesday. I had a super time and I know Caroline loved it too. It was definitely the highlight of our week on Skye.  I was very impressed with the professional yet relaxed set up you run.”

Very impressed with the professional yet relaxed set up

“Many thanks for a fantastic few days kayaking off Skye. I really enjoyed exploring the wonderful scenery, seeing the seals and eagle was spectacular, and I learnt a great deal from you both. Getting my 3 star was a real and unexpected bonus!”

Seeing the seals and eagle was spectacular

“Thanks for a great trip….thoroughly enjoyed it….different trip and another different experience.”

A great trip

“Thank you, again, for the amazing three days on Skye. We realise how much we learned during that time. I’ve been quite pleased to demonstrate the “balance” exercises to friends here. :) I must say, they do look rather impressive. We hope to have a lot of days on the water so will practice practice practice.”

An amazing three days on Skye

“Thanks for a great course over the weekend.   Just the outcome I was looking for, learning a lot about myself and my own learning style as well as those of others.   And lots of little gems that I’ll use with our team and with clients coming through.”

Lots of little gems

“It was a great couple of days, we’ve come away with loads to chew on and had a lot of fun in the process. Your coaching is simply first class.”

Simply first class

“Just to say I very much enjoyed my week with Gordon, and I did get a lot out of it and I think my skills are improving as a result. Lots to think about and so many positive things to reflect on (The Kylerhea Narrows, and the trip to Soay were pretty special!). 
I did manage to eskimo roll in the pool after watching the videos and Janice doing a great job of coaching.! and as John said- It’s practice A’m needin tae keep bidin afloat.”

JAMES, April 2016

My skills are improving

“You know you have had good coaching when you notice the difference in your paddling. You know you have had great coaching when others notice too. And I had great coaching with Skyak Adventures.”

DEBORAH, April 2016

Great coaching

Thanks again for our day trip on Thursday. It was fantastic and Kate was amazing with us at Loch Eishort. Great coaching and encouragement. I want to continue my paddling adventure having now had a taste, learn and develop skills and gain experience.
STEVIE, May 2015

Great coaching and encouragement

Many thanks for a super day, full of interest & expert instruction …. I know we all enjoyed it immensely.
MARIE, June 2016


Expert instruction…

“Missing Scotland already!! Thank you for looking after me so well during my travels – it played a big role in my holiday being a success. I had a really lovely time with you all. Skyak is a very special business and impacts on so many people in the most positive way and I feel very lucky to have been able to benefit from kayaking with you and am looking forward to many more trips!”
LISA, June 2016

Skyak is a very special business

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the two days, the instruction facilities and everything were fantastic.”
MATT, June 2016


“…a brief note to thank you for how well you take care of people when we’re there – gear to borrow, the kettle always on, resources to use, so much work put into helping us feel less nervous (even if some of us appear impervious to it, it is MUCH appreciated!), and so much obvious care, work and time put into running a quality training and quality assessment that is tailored to the individual students in the class.  I know how much work that takes – so I wanted to say thank you.”
ANDREA, October 2015

Quality training and quality assessment

“We want to say thank you very much for such a great week. We learned sooooo much more.
It was fantastic. Looking forward to come again. 2018, June, to St.Kilda laughinghope….”
KARIN & ROLF, June 2016


A great week. We learned sooooo much more

“Many thanks for a super day, full of interest & expert instruction …. I know we all enjoyed it immensely.”
MARIE, July 2016

A super day… expert instruction

“I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for an amazing week on the water. I couldn’t believe my luck when I won the raffle prize and I have been ridiculously excited about the course for months (ask my family!). Your coaching was spot on for me, Gordon, and I tried hard to take on board everything you said. I have plans for my three part homework, and hopefully Kate will see an improvement in 3 months time…”
LEONIE, April 2016

Coaching was spot on for me

“First of all I want to thank you for what probably has been one of the best experiences I’ve had in a really long time. To be honest I’ve become hooked on the sport and taken the decision to start obtaining star awards.”
JOSE, April 2016

I’ve become hooked

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking us out kayaking on our amazing honeymoon! We had such a good day and it is something we’ll never forget. Watching those seals follow us was incredible!”

Watching those seals follow us was incredible!